SHIKI Show 16 – Dancing on the stage

Published October 25, 2009 by Kokoro

SHIKI Show 16, originally uploaded by KMADD Enterprise.

I went to the Shiki fashion show, because I had found this absolutely perfect dress there. So many wonderful outfits in the show, and afterward I was just dancing on the stage while listening to all the fashion people. KMADD took this fantastic shot of me in the dress I got from Shiki’s store.

Oh, you should really look through the rest of the photos, and the beautifully designed stage and sim. It is simply perfect!

Chocolate Meanderings

Published June 16, 2009 by Kokoro

Native Lands 91,110,31 – Wow, an excellent Native American SIM.. good southwestern arts also

Bangu 89,99,1008 – 40’s and 50’s retro clothing and hair.. even Betty Page!

Byte Island 107,50,25 – Fantastic Window scenes! Replace your ‘window’ with one of these for fantastic vistas!

Cloncurry 196,201,236 – Totally wild and fantastic outfits!

Klein 44,100,56 – Wow! Totaly fantastic skins.. wild wonderful designs