Meanderings – and thoughts

Published November 17, 2006 by Kokoro

Well, the new blog script from Ordinal is working most excellently – still no easy way to put blog + pictures + thoughts + meanderings all together… *sigh* I want it all, with chocolate on top!

Older meanderings that have been sitting in my email waiting to be posted.. 🙂

Port Seraphine 188,137,21 – Really cute Latex outfits

EverLite 11,245,51 – Safety Bear – perfect for Billie and others

Mieum 89,219,78 – RotoBuilder – build bracelets and round buildings

DragonFly Oasis 185,36,26 – Dragonfly Oasis – woman’s skins.. I like the fae ones

Shakers Stoop 216,108,22 – ConSenual Fashions – clothes that change with a click!

Lane 197,102,48 – Bag Pipes – have to check them out later 🙂

Linda 26,202,181 – Very pretty Greek sky box system

Butterfly Island 117,196,27 – Fantastic Flex outfits – fae and more.. sooooo beautiful!!!

Maceday 170,240,146 – Billie’s house – beautiful design and style

Garmisch 68,202,121 – Floor that adds footprints – strange but true. 🙂 At Bravo Bravo

Masquerade Valley 146,220,35 – Giant Furry Statues – very nice!

Bethselamin 17,237,1 – Scrappy’s underwater Wonderful Build – a slice of history with the fishes

Grignano 151,205,30 – Pretty Artwork

Vari 17,58,42 – Nice Modern Japanese Town and Shops


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